GFS Documentation

The details of the model are presented in the ncep office notes at

The GFS model, formerly known as the Medium Range Forecast model (MRF) was initially developed by J. Sela(1980,1982).

The introduction of gocart aerosol module is described in the ncep technical note

It clearly mentions that the model is incapable of carrying advection and other dynamics and operates similar to an offine model coupled with the physics module through a coupler.

The introduction of sigma hybrid pressure levels into the gfs

Understanding Spectral Modelling

The COLA-Atmosphere-Biosphere General Circulation Model’s%20Articles/1997/The%20COLA%20Atmosphere.pdf

Recent Changes into the Global Forecast System

The NCEP Climate Forecast System Version 2

Changes to the NCEP GFS by Srinivas Moorthy

The NCEP Climate Forecast System