An important point to note while giving a historical run

The range of dates in run_timestamp should be such that it lies within the time series of the input files.

Meaning of this error

FATAL: From function set_date_i:Invalid date. Date=1850-02-00 00:00:00

There is a file in  the input going to the model which is not having a day stamp, i.e. it might be having the stamp like 185002 rather than 18500215 or 185002.5

Fixing the time dimension

# 1. extract time from the file to create a new file with only time:
 ncks -v time

# 2. remove the time variable from (which removes the problematic `serial_date_number dimension`)
 ncks -C -x -v time

#3. Fix the file manually, with a text editor:
 ncdump > time.txt   # dump netCDF to text
    ## text-edit time.txt to fix up header, 
    ## creating time = UNLIMITED ; // (12053 currently)
 ncgen -o < time.txt   # remake netCDF from text

# 4. Finally, concatenate the new time variable file into
 ncks -A

Topics of Research

Aerosol effect on clouds

Aerosol Formation

Aerosol Lifecycle

Aerosol Microphysics

Aerosol Optics

Aerosol Radiative Forcing

Aerosol Chemistry

Aerosol Cloud Interaction

Aerosol Precipitation Interaction

Air Quality

Air Sea Interactions (global and local)

Air Land Interactions (global and local)

Atmospheric Dynamics

Boundary Layer Processes

Climate Change (historic and prediction)

Climate Modelling

Climate Sensitivity

Climate Variability

Climate Chemistry Interactions

Cloud Effect on Aerosol

Cloud Parameterization

Cloud Physics

Cloud Aerosol Interactions




Hydrologic Cycle

Kelvin Waves

Madden Julian Oscillation



Radiative Transfer

Sea Salt Aerosol

Stratosphere Troposphere Exchange


Volcanic Emissions

Installing anaconda in linux and making virtual environment for each project

To enter the anaconda python on a server enter path environment variable in bashrc as

export PATH=~/anaconda3/bin:$PATH

$ source activate

To make an environment out of anaconda python

$ source ~/path-to-virtualenv-folder/bin/activate