Osama in Africa

As I was reading about the latest events in Africa, about the terrorism now shifting bases from Pakistan and Afghanistan to safer havens in Africa, offering a protective tenancy in the jungles and the deserts. This is a mind shattering thought. No one really knows where and when this will end. The solipsism of America that created the buzzard named Osama in 1980s to defeat the USSR hit it back on Sep 11, 2001 causing more harm than the accumulated gains US must have made in the two decades. Two of the America’s tallest buildings fell like pack of cards, which used to be the American symbols of pride became the graveyards for many who perished in thin air, those who were in the planes, in the towers as along those on the ground. The human, financial and emotional losses of those events and those perpetrated by US in Afghanistan and Iraq were by no means parallel to the profits at the fall of the Soviet Union. One trillion dollars, it has been estimated by an independent research agency was the cost on economic front the tenacious nation had to make for the aggression. Now with unofficial figures of unemployment in the US touching 10%, the highest in recent times, it is an established fact that the wars took away all the money needed to employ all these people and the amount which could bridge gap which was the economic crisis 2008, the worst since Great Depression, was wasted off in shelling mountains in Afghanistan and meddling in affairs which at a time did’nt qualify to be America’s own. Same is the situation with India. Here the problem plaguing economy being the colossal red tape. The cases of 2G spectrum have not ended and a new scandal much more high profile than that has surfaced. Here also, all the money which could have been used to fuel the development projects and the staggering amounts which neither one can eat or carry after his life, is blocked. It can’t come out because the leaders fearful of IT will not spend and hence infuse cash in the market, neither can they show it. So the blocked wealth hinders growth of the developing nation.

Coming on to the main thought of an Osama in Africa would no doubt numb the one who has at some stage or ever been a victim from either side. The verdict is clear. The stable individual on ground, be he or she in any country wants a peaceful life and nothing else.

Hope the leaders of the world are listening