The First Interview : A Harrowing Experience

I was like the opening song of That Show, “Hanging Out, Down The Street, The Same Old Thing We Did Last Week, Nothing to do, Put out to you” And it came.

Here goes the anecdote…

It was the second week of August 2012 that I applied to this company, which could be otherwise called the pelf generating firm which earns in millions of $ and also makes its employees take home the share of its profit. A unique one of its kind, and the best in this country.
It was just, that I came to know of these things just hours after having a tormenting interview, after which I was dead sure that, I won’t be shortlisted.

Although, now I am aplomb, at that time, it was like 100 tonnes on my head. The entry wasn’t perfect, that lowered the morale, secondly, (afterwards I was like cursing myself for doing that before a pal counterpoised me) just sat down even without permission, and he was just like (or I don’t know, but I feel) giving me gloomy looks for that.
“After a pause, he asked, “So what’s your name, Gentleman”
And I had come from a sleepless night travelling for six hours, reaching the college at 3 am in the morning, and having no idea, that it would be me, who would be shortlisted in the 17 from the whole kit and caboodle of 300. Woke up at six and got ready for the presentations and tests, that would have been conducted throughout the day.

It was five in the evening and the sun was setting, and I was exhausted of the last smidgen of glucose that could have enabled me to take more load. But the game had just started, I had been shortlisted in the top 17, and I was blank.

Blank in the sense, that I hadn’t done any background study of the company, nor had studied much about the work it did. Fear began to encompass me and I was trying, to show a countenance that, “All is Well “. But somewhere, in the hearts of hearts I knew it wasn’t.

As I sat down I was trembling, shivering, and vacillating with nervousness. The nervousness of the first interview, of the fear of not being able to speak well, and the fear of not preparing enough of what I thought.

Then he started and bowled me on the first ball
“So why are you considering switching majors, don’t you wan’t to go in real estate”.
 I had no clue of what to say. They had given a questionnaire before the interview which had about 20 questions,(such as what skills would you bring to our company, tell us about a time you worked hardest in your life, your greatest strengths and weaknesses, why do you want to come to our company et al )and I was thinking about them only, and had prepared myself for those ones. This one never even came to my mind before.

And I did the faux pas, I started criticizing my branch and it was all over. He told me that, today you are coveting to shift from one field to another, a problem may come in future and you’ll leave us also. So our money spent in training you to succor us will go in the drain. I tried to convince but I was fighting a lost battle.

And then came rather easy one, in which also I made a gaffe. Afterwards I realised that, that answer should have been given in a calm manner and one lasting longer than ten minutes. But then, it was not my day.

Finally he showed the signs…

Are you nervous ?
And I had heard that you should always tell the truth in interviews, so admitted, and came the sixer from his end.
Oh… you are so nervous in an interview, so how’ll you handle our clients and the million dollar business of our company. I just couldn’t make him believe.

And thus it ended in a somber tone…

Two days have passed and I have achieved my presence of mind. Life moves on…..