Fauja: You Made me Proud

                           Fauja Singh : The 101 year old Singh carries Olympic Torch At London 2012

The veteran ran with the Olympic torch at the onset of London Olympics. But the only woebegone was that, this historic event was not covered by the SO CALLED SECULAR media of India

Hang Me if I am Guilty

Now that seems to be a cunning way to mum the critics who have made the climb for the “Most Hated and Also Most Loved ” politician in India, an Augean task. Worth contemplating in his eventful interview, which also led to today’s newspapers reporting the expulsion of the journalist turned politician, was the demeanor of the Fascist who has too much faith in his egregious machinery that, it will always shield him from the gallows.

The martinet says that, those who are guilty, only ask for an apology. Saying so, he mindfully forgot the oath one takes on being incumbent to any office of authority, that one is responsible for the good deeds as well as the fallacies that may take place beneath one’s nose.Whether or not he may be directly involved, but if a genocide(actually genocide being much above the standards, of follies, that a state must be permitted to bear) happens, when one is the “Guardian of an estate”, it is his liability to halt that before any damage can be done.
If he fails in doing so, then he is obliged to step down and accept the responsibility, so that charges may be framed against him in a fair manner.

Let us take two examples:

A Doctor is operating upon a patient, and nescient of the fact, leaves a scissors in the stomach of the ill guy. Couple of days later the guy dies and the reason for the mishap comes out in the open.

The answer is obvious of what should be done to the doctor who was trying to save the guy, but due to his sheer dereliction of duty, did just the opposite.

Similar would be the scene when due to a diminutive lax on part of a Civil Engineer employed to cinch the Quality Control, a structure cripple and injures many.

Homo Sapiens, legatees of Aryans, would then leave no stone unturned, to bring to right the ones whose rights are snagged.

Similar was setting when the nation united against the beasts of Guwahati, who dared to steal away the life of an eleventh standard teenager,
Against the killers of Ruchika Girhotra, cannibles of Nithari who used to cook the girls up in cooking oil
And there are numerous ones whose voices have not been heard yet
Like the one who was soused upon with acid on resisting eve teasing, just to lead a miserable life than death, loosing the youth at sixteen and then the curse of being stone blind.
The perpetrators got away with three years in jail.

This was the story made with the premise that the person talked about in the launching para, was not involved in the crime, rather he was a mute spectator and failed to deliver to the security needs.

But if he was involved, which seems to be the most likely possibility, as such large scale events can’t be done without support of the state machinery, he should be hanged at public square as he brags.

The irony is, whether anyone will ever be able to vindicate him in the sequence of events that transpired in 2002.