Pelf Power

Mark Twain has famously said
“Lack of money is the root of every evil”

So the idea up to my mind today is-Should career decisions be handpicked by choice or cash?
If we talk in the Indian or rather I say in a broader sense, in a liberal milieu, CASH IS THE MOTIVATOR OF EDUCATION and I think that the literacy that have befell this 21st century planet is only because of the economic benefits it brings about. A look at the low enrollment rates in the conventional Indian Language courses at Delhi University shows that, youth of this zeitgeist is leveraged by shekels that they cash in after graduating.
But a look at the developments that have brought about today’s world, SHOW that ethically it is not right to malign the whole system of academic world which stands on the endeavor or about 2000 years of the human history. Newton, Galileo, Euler, Heisenberg et al ( except Einstein which I’ll explain down the line) all burnt their lives observing apples fall, pendulum oscillate, which a high school student of this age learns in an year or less.Ideologically everything ranging from the rage of the day(gadgets), personal computers, and all the stuff we see around SIMPLY EXISTS because these people have made it possible. Else who knows we may still be living in jungles devoured by hungry kings of the jungle which has itself become extinct today. So a moral obligation of every homo sapien on this planet earning a livelihood from every advancement that has been possible because of these GODS OF SCIENCE, to give something in return. So the whole idea of studying for money is A BOGUS ONE.
ANOTHER reason I feel one should study as per one’s own volition, is that psychologically the mind works only in the arena where it loves to go. Pragmatically thinking, lot of DEPRESSION CASES,SUICIDES, and all the other challenges which our society faces today can be obviated if one goes on his/her wish. This was just about doffing the adversaries. It comes with inordinate number of whip hands, such as proliferating the advances in every field of academia, and ultimately which would be a panache for the humankind. 
See the gruesome conditions below and I am sure MONEY’s importance would be appreciated.
So, as they say, earth is round, we reach the same place from where we started. All the developments of modern world were the progeny of an idea to prevent this stage from precipitating. But where have we reached. These pictures are a common site in the pastoral regions of Asia and Africa. And ill fate is that these are also the continents which dwell the largest proportion of world proportion. Now, if we envisage an example of an individual with such a background, then he is justified to the extreme degree to use education for Money.

I feel that I am standing at the same place I started, so should halt now.


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