Pelf Power

Mark Twain has famously said
“Lack of money is the root of every evil”

So the idea up to my mind today is-Should career decisions be handpicked by choice or cash?
If we talk in the Indian or rather I say in a broader sense, in a liberal milieu, CASH IS THE MOTIVATOR OF EDUCATION and I think that the literacy that have befell this 21st century planet is only because of the economic benefits it brings about. A look at the low enrollment rates in the conventional Indian Language courses at Delhi University shows that, youth of this zeitgeist is leveraged by shekels that they cash in after graduating.
But a look at the developments that have brought about today’s world, SHOW that ethically it is not right to malign the whole system of academic world which stands on the endeavor or about 2000 years of the human history. Newton, Galileo, Euler, Heisenberg et al ( except Einstein which I’ll explain down the line) all burnt their lives observing apples fall, pendulum oscillate, which a high school student of this age learns in an year or less.Ideologically everything ranging from the rage of the day(gadgets), personal computers, and all the stuff we see around SIMPLY EXISTS because these people have made it possible. Else who knows we may still be living in jungles devoured by hungry kings of the jungle which has itself become extinct today. So a moral obligation of every homo sapien on this planet earning a livelihood from every advancement that has been possible because of these GODS OF SCIENCE, to give something in return. So the whole idea of studying for money is A BOGUS ONE.
ANOTHER reason I feel one should study as per one’s own volition, is that psychologically the mind works only in the arena where it loves to go. Pragmatically thinking, lot of DEPRESSION CASES,SUICIDES, and all the other challenges which our society faces today can be obviated if one goes on his/her wish. This was just about doffing the adversaries. It comes with inordinate number of whip hands, such as proliferating the advances in every field of academia, and ultimately which would be a panache for the humankind. 
See the gruesome conditions below and I am sure MONEY’s importance would be appreciated.
So, as they say, earth is round, we reach the same place from where we started. All the developments of modern world were the progeny of an idea to prevent this stage from precipitating. But where have we reached. These pictures are a common site in the pastoral regions of Asia and Africa. And ill fate is that these are also the continents which dwell the largest proportion of world proportion. Now, if we envisage an example of an individual with such a background, then he is justified to the extreme degree to use education for Money.

I feel that I am standing at the same place I started, so should halt now.


My Delhi I Care

If we were to count the cities that have had the most impact on the lives of the people all over the world-DELHI would be the one coming among st the top of the charts. Home to nearly 18 million people today Delhi’s diversity is nowhere to be seen, not even in India or as they say Incredible India.
                                                                RULED BY SIKHS
                                               BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR-THE LAST MUGHAL
From being the capital of Mughals, Sikhs, Englishmen and then of the world’s largest democracy, Delhi has come a long way. It has seen the pinnacle of prosperity as well as the nadir of sabotages.

Changing their capital to Agra or Calcutta, the rulers of the past have paid in a myriad ways, by neglecting the benefits that Delhi offers. It was, and is the only place where marvels of religious harmony, such as a mosque, temple and a gurudwara exist on the same soil. Such parallelism is hard to find anywhere in this world. Where people are killing each other in the name of religion, sub castes, such cities are extinct. Although Delhi has also seen some of its son’s blood spill over the same reasons, it has remained peaceful compared to any other city in the world. The fact that Delhi has proportions of all the homo sapiens found on this planet only proves the same.

Delhi has changed a lot in the past 2 decades. Killer blue lines to black smoke clogged air are now the legacies of the past (although bitter).

Now a green fleet of buses ply over its roads and metro has come as a Silver Lining. 

The standard of living of the city has soared up and Delhiites now spend and earn many times compared to any other demesne around the commonwealth. But everything comes with a price. The generation of the migrated Indians(specially Punjabis), who came from Pakistan in 1947, who constitute a large chunk of Delhi’s elite class, are now finding their third progenies becoming spendthrifts, because of the large wealth they have accumulated, whereas the middle class of the nineties has made its children adroit and hard working, also by the ambiance they saw in their childhood, to become Engineers and Doctors who will define the course of this nation for the next 50 years or so. The sonnies of Delhi are no less than any celebrity and continue to inspire the ones in the suburbs imitate them, to go in the gallows of illiteracy, drug addiction, tipplers, and the list goes on.

It is very easy to open an Engineering College in Delhi, and more so in the bordering states. Actually it’s a vogue in India to start engineering colleges. Approximately 0.8 million engineers will graduate from India in 2013 and no one knows who’s going to absorb them all including me. Coming to Delhi, here the engineering colleges are of distinct nature in contrast to rest of the nation. Having a 8 room house with a facility to keep computers is enough to start an engineering college. But there are ones similar to the above giving tough stage to the big names.

Likening the engineering colleges, the number of schools is nominal, at least on paper, if not in reality. So the parents have to pay hefty sums to get their wards (as schools call them) to schools. Some law has been passed but it’s the same as was always.
After doing much ado about nothing, lets talk business.
Delhi’s the biggest economical hub after Mumbai. Still, the influx of the countrymen from UP and Bihar show, that it has surpassed the city on the beaches of Arabian Sea. Traders in Delhi vary from the conventional ones, occupying the filth drenched narrow alleys of Old Delhi, to the ones trading for a ride on a Chinese Rickshaw. Actually the latter ones have grown into a humongous cartel whose invisible lives run the life of Delhi, from metro to home or vice versa or elsewhere. But they are a very important component.
Also these days the MNCs are becoming the lending hands of unemployed youth, especially the BPO industry, although recent trends show Obama wants to curtail this sector. Good luck to my friends from this industry. Then there are accountants, Engineers, Government Class XYZ, and the private ones known as Entrepreneurs.

Surely the city will fascinate the generations to come. 

The Moral Dilemma

The issue I am going to discuss about is very close to my heart, i.e. morality. What is it ? Is it right to always be on the right side ? What to do in case of conflicting views and philosophy to the majority ? And a final insight into my take on the today’s world’s take and approach towards morality.

The Merriam Webster’s International dictionary defines moral as something which is implied to confirm to established sanctioned codes or accepted notions of right or wrong. As I have understood in the 22 years of my life these codes of conduct vary from person to person like the language, clothing, food, culture, belief and religion varies with every 100km in India. While some are poor enough to not have any, there are those who over obsess themselves with these to bind them on others like the ones in Maharashtra and self proclaimed protectionists of culture do. They burn paintings of artists like MF Hussian who sadly had to flee his mother country and take refuge and citizenship in an alien one, force writers like Salman Rushdie to not exercise their right to freedom of speech and force naive youngsters to self censor them on the net. These kind of folk are a nuisance not only for India, but for the world as can be seen from the Malala case or the ones who are waging war in the name of religion that have now shifted its base from Pakistan and Afghanistan to countries like Mali and Sudan in Africa. They should be dealt with strictly but keeping in view the public opinion, or else they may become the martyred heroes in the public domain. Their count is continuously decreasing in the educated world but with a large part still miles away from the sunshine they are and can be a potential danger.
On the other hand are the out of pocket guys(not literally) who have no codes of conduct, no conscience, no religion, and I believe no humaneness left in them. These are either away from the reality of death that they don’t recognize the importance of a supernatural power or they pretend that everything is here, which is true also but they have oversimplified this aspect. There are many examples – the ones classifying as atheists in the western world, the ones religious only in name and because of the family and culture keeping their traditions, but acting in a completely different way. Such people are the majority of educated youth in the eastern world. They hate their traditions, religions and customs in the heart of hearts that even they don’t know they hate it, but they practice that hate(As actions speak louder than words, so I can’t be accused of stereotyping) in form of support of pornography which I believe majority of eastern religions consider as sin. Personally I believe that porn supporters are the inadvertent supporters of slavery, human(read female) trafficking, child labor and slavery. As the industry can’t survive without all these malice, these are a part of it. Such people include the Armenians, the alleged Sikhs(but not Sikhs as defined by their scriptures), and all others who forsake their religion and still continue to and impress upon their right in the society to inclusion, to denigrate the religions and cultures that have taken thousands of years to evolve. They are increasing day by day and are also too dangerous to turn this world into a sex planet where there will be nothing else, slavery, lust, idleness and all sorts of evil heading towards destruction.
The third and the most evolved of the species to have developed on this planet are the ones who are a conglomerate of both the types explained above. Such people amongst whom I count myselves know fairly about their culture, lifestyle of their predecessors and lead a life not leaving the goods of the past and adopting the ones of present. They are serious about their work, want to make this planet free of poverty, hunger, slavery, discrimination, war, extremism, inequality, and depression and endeavor towards these goals daily to add a drop to the ocean when they die. These are those who themselves have seen the hassles of life and who make ways to remove those from the path of others. Such people include not exclusively scientists, astraunauts, sincere politicians, and honest business fraternity. These people are also increasing by the day, but their growth is slower compared to the second type. These are the only ones who can write history.
Thanks for Reading. These were my personal thoughts and do not intend to hurt anyone.